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[Canada] The Big Move

Some Background

I have been quiet for some time and I apologise! Over this past couple of months we have made a big life decision and moved to Canada, more specifically Toronto…

This was not a spur of the moment thing by any means. We have been thinking of doing it for some time (2 years) and finally decided that now was the right time. I left my job on the 20th June and flew to Toronto on the 6th July. Leaving my job was difficult because I really enjoyed working in Croke Park and I met some really good friends whilst I was there. But, I knew when to move on and now was the right time.

Doubts entered my head throughout the process because by nature I am not a risk taker. But you know what they say – regret the things you don’t do rather than the things you do (it goes something like that).

All systems go!! Goodbyes delivered and 50kgs of luggage (I honestly didn’t think I had as much “stuff”), Canada here I come!

Week One and a bit…

I was kindly picked up at the airport by Mairead and Rory, who have lived in Canada for a number of years and happen to be very good friends with my sister (thanks guys!). We booked an apartment through Airbnb, Micheal checked in a couple of days before I arrived and picked up all the necessary supplies. It’s located in a cool area in downtown Torono (locals leave out the last t, uhmm) called Liberty Village.  It’s a really chilled out area with lots of bars and restaurants and it’s close to downtown. That brings me onto transportation in Toronto.

CN Tower sky

Beautiful sky and the CN Tower

There are several means of public transport in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Street Car (road trams), Metro (Subway) and buses. We purchased a monthly MetroPass this covers travel on all forms of transport for a calendar month at the cost of $133.75. We have used the street car from Liberty Village to get around and it isn’t the most reliable as it depends on the traffic.

Night time CN Tower

Night time in the city

We have done a lot of exploring since I arrived to find out what areas we like and we still have a lot to do! We are still in tourist mode so here are the obligatory CN Tower snaps.

Rogers Centre

CFL game at Rogers Centre

We also went to see a Toronto Argonauts Canadian Football game in the Rogers Centre (formally the Skydome) and I can confirm it has nothing on Croke Park!

Weird: Poutine is a “Canadian” dish, which originated in Quebec, it is made with French fries, topped with a light brown gravy-like sauce and cheese curds. Yes it’s a gravy chip folks! I haven’t tried it yet but when I do, I will be sure to report back!