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[Beauty] Sometimes Ignorance is Bliss

Analysts forecast that by 2018 the beauty industry will be worth over $400b USD (yes that b as in billions!). You shouldn’t be that surprised because you and I will contribute toward that eye wateringly high number. No day goes by without being exposed to beauty advertising and why we “need” them on our skin.

In 2015 we were introduced to SPF that protects you from INDOOR lighting, BB cream for your hands and “Spanx for your face”. It’s this constant flow of new and “groundbreaking” products that leave us totally bewildered. We are always trying to keep up with the latest fad in fear that if we don’t, we will look 10 years older!!

When a new product is released that grabs my attention, my research begins. First you’re intrigued by an SPF that protects you from indoor lighting, next you start researching you become confused, but suddenly you discover another new product that you must have so you start to research again. If like me you read reviews both from professionals and fellow consumers, you will discover very quickly that the answer to your question is not as simple as yes or no. In fact if you read as much as I do about a product you will end up becoming even more confused than you were before you started. This is because there are so many people making conflicting claims, so in cases such as this, knowledge is most certainly not power.


Earlier this year I went to see my dermatologist and in passing he asked, “I assume you wear SPF everyday”, to which I wasn’t 100% truthful (who tells the dentist that they haven’t flossed in six months).
But it made me think, so for around two weeks I researched SPF products I made my SPF selection (La Roche Posay – Anthelios Ultra-fluid Lotion SPF 60).
When I started to wear it everyday, I was happy knowing that my skin was protected from sun damage BUT then I start reading reports that people are becoming deficient in Vitamin D due to the overuse of sunscreen. Herein lies the dilemma, continue using it and risk contracting rickets or stop and get skin cancer…

I love beauty products and trying new things but I am working on not becoming pressurised to keep up with the Jones and have all the latest weird and wonderful products and tools out there. I’m not a professional in the skincare industry and the following advice is based of my experience as a beauty consumer.

Know your skin type! This is the keystone around which all your skincare decisions will be made. Become aware of any dry/oily patches, sensitivity and allergies. My skin type is combination/normal and I buy products that match up, with a past success rate of around 75%. Some products have been too rich and don’t soak in, other have had the opposite effect and left my skin tight. The best advice I have is ask for samples and try them out before you commit to the full size product. If you are unsure of your own skin type, check out this link.

Now that you know your skin type, the choice of products start to overwhelm you. To help you, here are the products that I use following several years of testing, I hope they will help guide your beauty decisions:

Cleanse – I use cleanser once a day in the evening and wash my face with a cloth in the morning.

Tone – Toning should be done immediately after cleanser morning and evening.

SerumsVitamin C serum everyday and Rosehip Oil in evening twice a week.

Moisturise – Apply moisturiser after any serums, but make sure you use a day and night time version, there is a difference.

Exfoliate – If using a mechanical exfoliator do it twice a week or if using a chemical exfoliator apply it everyday after toning

SPFWear it everyday and it should the last treatment you put on before makeup.

In Progress – Currently trying out this Retinol product from Skinceuticals.

This post is not designed to discourage you from trying new products with interesting claims.  It’s a friendly message from a fellow beauty diehard to say sometimes Ignorance is Bliss.

Updated: May 2, 2017