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[Beauty] My Skincare Saviour

I have been thinking for a long time what I should write my first blog post about. Since it’s my first, I thought why not start off with my skincare must have. You know what they say go big or go home, so here it goes…

Eve Lom cleanser

Before I begin, I will start with a quick overview of my skin tone. I have normal skin, not normal oily or normal dry, just normal. When we are younger and go through puberty our bodies go through huge changes, none more so than our skin. At this stage many of us start to experiment with skincare products that promise to clear our complexion or banishing blackheads, you know the ones. Maybe I was fortunate enough, or maybe I just couldn’t have been bothered but my skincare regime consisted of washing my face with a hot flannel. I did this until I was around 20 when I had a little disposable income (student loan) and started to dabble with skincare products. Tip: Research your skin tone and make sure you buy products tailored for it.

I have used several types of cleansers from Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel to Nude Skincare’s Cleansing Oil. None of these products left my skin feeling any different than when I used my trusty flannel. Then I started to research even further (you will find out that research is an obsession of mine) and found a product that Vogue described as, “Possibly the best cleanser in the World”, who was I to argue?

The first thing you will notice when you receive Eve Lom’s Cleanser is the texture of the balm. It is quite dense to begin with and reminds me of candle wax. Every tub of cleanser is accompanied by a muslin cloth (50ml tub comes with a travel size cloth) and the product is useless without it.

Eve Lom cleanser

Balm texture of EVE Lom cleanser

When the cleanser is applied to my face my skin feels so soft and straight away I knew I was in for something special. After I pry my hands away from massaging in the balm (it is difficult to stop sometimes) I apply the hot muslin cloth for three to five seconds and repeat this process three times. Check out the cloth before you rinse it and you will begin to see makeup or grime that built up during the day if you weren’t wearing makeup.

I love this product for so many reasons; its scent, ability to completely remove makeup (not tested with waterproof mascara), the texture on the skin and the muslin cloth. My skin always feels squeaky clean when I use it but not too dry, no other product that I have used can achieve this. Not only does my skin feel fantastic but it also looks amazing when I use it and there is a noticeable difference when I use another product. When I seen the results I immediately recommended it to my older sister Natasha who has used it ever since.

How to use: The instructions included with the cleanser describe in detail how to use it but here is a video in case you want to see how to get the best from the product. Having used it for a few years I recommend massaging a 5p coin size of cleanser into the face and neck then soak and rinse the muslin cloth in hot water, repeat three times (this is important). Rinse the muslin cloth in cold water and place over the face for three to five seconds and finish by patting the face with a towel.

I really can’t recommend Eve Lom’s Cleanser highly enough and I hope after reading this you will give it a go. It is a little pricey, but trust me it’s worth it! Buy Eve Lom Cleanser from Space NK (50ml – £40)

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